Friday, March 20, 2009

Got My Bottle?

One of the reasons I love The Pioneer Woman blog is her photography. Especially the photos of animals. Not just animals, but farm animals. I guess one should say ranch, but to me they are amazing farm animals. Cattle, horses, wild mustangs, dogs...lots and lots of animals...

The last couple days, Pioneer Woman blogged about her two new bottle calves. Two amazingly cute things that need to be bottle fed, who knows how often, throughout the day. As soon as I saw the pictures of the black one (the other one is named Braemie), I was reminded of the "Got Milk?" ads. You know, the ones with celebrities and a milk moustache?

So, I just spent way too long (tried Adobe Photoshop first and then Power Point which was much easier) making my own little ad. I'm sure Pioneer Woman already thought of it, (who wouldn't after seeing the photo?) but here is my take. Please don't judge Pioneer Woman's photography skills based on this slide - go check them out on her blog, you will be impressed.

[Update: trebord to the rescue!! I cannot believe, after all those years as a Power Point Ranger, that I missed learning how to make a PP slide into a JPEG when it was so simple. So, the bottle calf in the "ad" looks more like it should (previously printed/scanned to make a JPEG) - you should still go to Pioneer Woman's blog and look at her photography (don't let the "woman" in the title deter you) she's got some awesome stuff.]

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  1. You may be upset with how simple it is. From within the PowerPoint itself, go to File, then Save As. Select a File Type: Choose JPEG from the drop down. PPT will ask you if you want the whole presentation or just the current slide. Make your choice, choose a location, and make sure the file name is what you want. Click Save and you're done.

    Happy JPGing!