Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 Goal Check Up

It’s been 2 months since I decided on my goals for the year. I figured this would be a good time to take a look at them and see how I am doing…

1. Start/write a blog: Since I am writing this, it’s pretty obvious that I have done this one. Though I haven’t written as consistently as I’d like.

2. Sing! Join a choir: I joined the Scott OSC choir – the Heathertones. It has been pretty good so far. Our first two concerts are this coming Thursday.

3. Do yoga regularly either at home or in a studio (at least 2x week): Nope, not meeting it…I did well the first few weeks of Jan but not Feb. Need to refocus.

4. Try three new activities: Nope, not yet…

5. Go on minimum of four “day trips” to see Midwest: We went into St Louis and had lunch at the Dubliner and then went to the Science Center – I’m not sure I want that to count as a day trip, but at least we got out of the house and saw something…need to keep looking for stuff that will be interesting to both of us.

6. Pamper myself regularly: Got a haircut last month but haven’t done anything else…

7. Read minimum of 18 books: I have been doing A LOT of reading (see list at side). I think my goal might have been a bit low – but hopefully, after the weather gets nicer I will be out more and doing more so I won’t be reading as much and it will average out.

8. Publish a Poem/Send poem(s) to be published: Does posting a poem in my blog count? Probably not…I need to look into this some more – find the right place for my poetry, decide on a poem and just do it!

9. Make health/exercise a priority: No yoga since January though I have been walking with a friend – only once or twice a week so far. We want to do more. We’ve even talked about running a 5K together in the summer…

10. Get “professional” photos taken: This one isn’t going to happen for a while…still want to do it this year though.


- Eat “good” more often than “bad” (Hmm, somewhat happening, but could be more consistent…)

- Attend church regularly (not regularly enough)

- MOVE a little every day (got this one except for when I have headaches…)

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