Monday, March 29, 2010

Almost Two Months

I'm sitting in my husband's favorite leather chair, which the cats have pretty much destroyed, with my nearly two month old son sleeping in a sling (not the same one that's been recalled) and I can't remember being happier...So, finally having my hands free for a while, I feel the need to write.

Having waited until I was toward the end of my 30s to have my first child, I spent a lot of my adulthood wondering why people with kids can't have a normal conversation. No matter what the topic, somehow the conversation always seemed to come around to their kids, their friends' kids, or something to do with the kids. I must admit, it was really annoying and I swore if/when I had kids, I wouldn't do the same thing.

Fast forward to now and I find myself doing that exact thing. Of course, part of the reason for that is because the only thing people want to ask or hear about is my son - how big is he now, how is he eating, is he sleeping through the night, etc. We had some friends over this weekend for my husband's 40th birthday and our son was the highlight. Everyone wanted to hold person even volunteered to change the poopy diaper.

So, at least for today, I've decided to embrace it. I love my son. I love looking at him. I love listening to him breathe and I love talking about him. Of course, right when I embrace it and decide to write about him, he wakes up and I can't write anymore...maybe later, when he's sleeping in my arms again...
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