Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blog Upgrades?

Been busy the last week or so getting ready for our European vacation (Germany, Italy and Albania)...and yes, I am very excited!

I am trying to get more firmly on this blogging bandwagon...You may have noticed a few changes to my blog (it seemed plain compared to other blogs out there...)

Today, I've been trying to figure out "buttons." I managed to add a button from one of my favorite blogs (Cool Mom Guide) with some help from Cool Mom herself. She even made me a button for my blog (and the code) - how cool is she!? But, I can't figure out what to do with the code for my own button...guess I should have paid more attention in Comp Sci (or tried to retain what we were taught) I just never thought I would need computer code in the future...especially not as a maintenance officer! ;)

[Update: Julie just sent me the code to add my new buttons! Too awesome! Let me know what you think.]

I also managed to add a third column (yes, I actually changed my blogs HTML code), but can't get anything to actually post in that third column. What to do now? Go back to the original? I have no idea what/where to fix this issue in the code itself since all I did was cut and paste from a Blogger help site...

Any suggestions? Comments?


  1. I think the code for your button is really meant to be grabbed by other bloggers (like me!), who can then post your button on their blogs, thereby giving you more publicity and hopefully more readers. I have your blog in my blog list, just as you have mine, but I'll add the button as well.

    Oh, and I have that book title I thought you would really like. It's called "The Art of Uncontrolled Flight", it's a novel, and it was written by Kim Ponders, who I thought was a USAFA grad but isn't. Very good book about the first Gulf War, written by a female pilot who was there!

    I also thought of "Quartered Safe Out Here," one of the best, most enjoyable memoirs I've read in a while. It's by George MacDonald Fraser, who did serve with the Brits in WWII, but later became much more famous for his many hilarious screenplays. He did the Richard Burton - Michael York Three- and Four Musketeer movies, Octopussy, and Force Ten From Navarone. I haven't read his Flashman books, but his memoir is definitely worth the read.

  2. I'm very excited to have a "button" now! Still haven't figured out what to do about the third (empty) column to the right...

    Thanks for the book titles. I think I actually read the Kim Ponders book a couple years ago - wasn't she an AWACS pilot...?

  3. I wish you a safe journey to and from, fun times and a lifetime of learning while you are there, and a joyous return home!

    The only thing that would make it better woudl be photos and blogs from Europe!

  4. trebord -

    I thought about blogging from Europe but I don't know if I will have access to a computer or the far as pictures go - I plan on taking lots of them and will post the best ones when we get back!

  5. Duh!!! I just realized who "Sam" is!!! What a moron I am!!!

  6. I swtched from Athena09 to Sam - originally I wanted to stay completely anonymous. Then I decided it was too anonymous so figured "Sam" was a good compromise since it's a nickname...

    What do you think of my cool three column blog!? I'm very excited that I figured out the error in the HTML code all by myself. I guess something from Comp Sci stuck? Or, more likely, just lucky...

  7. I just saw that you're using your third column! Congrats on getting that worked out. It wasn't something I could help with since I don't know your blog's code or I would've offerred. No Comp Sci, but I am a bit of a wiz for some things after 14 years in the industry!