Sunday, March 8, 2009

America, the Beautiful

This is an amazing country. It's big, beautiful and has the ability to both stay the same and never be the same...I can see things 15 years later that remind me of the first time I saw it...or I can look somewhere I have looked a hundred times and see something I never saw before. I'm sure other countries are like that too, maybe.

Yesterday, we went to the Gateway Arch in St Louis. I knew it was big but didn't realize how big until I was standing beneath it. In the museum were pictures of all the different locations where Lewis and Clark travelled and/or stayed during their expedition to the Pacific. Beautiful!

I also learned for the first time of the Presidential Peace Medals. I had never even heard of them, and here were numerous examples. They reminded me a bit of the "Challenge Coin" tradition in the service. Very cool tradition...
There is so much that makes the United States great...we just need to think about those things every once in a while, instead of only seeing the things that we don't like or disagree with...

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