Thursday, September 15, 2011

Strands of a Web

I'm not sure if this is exactly a "poem" but it's something I've written, so I'm posting it here for Theme Thursday. 

Strands of a Web

memories fill my mind until I can think of nothing else -
I think about things I've done and decisions I've made -
wondering how I ever thought they were for the best -

just as time changes our lives, it changes our perception -
of what our lives were or what might have been -
we see things more clearly and begin to understand -

how actions and decisions molded our lives -
decisions and events become strands of a silken web -
that over time grows in size and strength -

adding beauty and color to our lives -
silently threatening to trap us -
within the memories of what life once was.

I wrote this in October of 1997 - about 16 months after graduating from the Academy and two months after moving from Recruiting in PA to Aircraft Maintenance in NJ. 


  1. That's beautiful and sad. You have a lot of talent.

  2. Thanks Julie!

    trebord - Does that mean you didn't get it, didn't like it, wish I had explained more...?

  3. I had written a comment and saw it submitted but when I came back, it was gone. The "?" was a test. Since it's still there, let me try to remember what I had said... Nah. Best to start over. (Did it go to your spam list?)

    The most prosaic thought expressed in a poetic form is poetry. No need to question whether this is a poem. As I read it, I realized why I was pondering the other poem for so long. This one is one I can relate to. The "Palm of Tomorrow" is more abstract and while I can appreciate abstracts, is much less something I can relate to. Maybe you can explain more on that one. This one's cool as it is! Thanks for sharing! ("Shoulders of thinly veiled hope"???)