Thursday, September 8, 2011

Palm of Tomorrow

I've gone back and forth with myself ever since I wrote the post last Thursday saying I'd share my poetry. Now, I know I only have two or three readers so it really shouldn't make a difference if I share something uber-personal or not. I've only shown my poetry to a handful of people so it's hard to break out of that and "put it all out there." Plus, as I've mentioned before, I'm not sure I have the thick skin needed to withstand harsh critiques of my most personal writing....

Despite all of that, I'm pressing on, thin skin or not. I wrote this on August 21st, 1991. Classes were probably about to start following 9 weeks of summer programs (SERE, Summer Ac, and CONUS for me). I would have been moving into my new squadron meeting all new people. I'm not sure what else to say about the time frame or what I might have been thinking at the time...Do you even want to know the background or prefer to read it "blind?"

The Palm of Tomorrow 

Ghosts - 
floating in and out of consciousness
Memories - 
of days locked in the past.

Keys -
thought lost, or
purposefully misplaced
Suddenly jingling in a dust filled corner.

Pain and anger - 
heating the metal to a crisp, red heat
Burning its imprint on the palm of tomorrow.

Drawn by the wizard of confusion - 
tumblers fall open, followed by relief

Spirits of tomorrow -
cower unseen, hidden by abrupt flashes of contentment
Balancing on the shoulders of thinly veiled hope.


  1. So here's one of your readers... Happy that you have (1) not abandoned Theme Thursday, (2) shared your poetry, and (3) glad that you did not share too much by way of an introduction.

    Deep, deep thoughts here! I read, then re-read, closed my eyes and pondered. I read again. I'm still pondering...

  2. I wish I could write poetry. That was lovely and I'm proud to be a dedicated reader of yours.

  3. ...and still pondering...

  4. trebord - thanks for taking the time to read and ponder...and ponder some more...any thoughts?

  5. Julie - Thanks! I appreciate you reading...