Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sharing Thoughts

I've been debating for the last couple weeks if I want to keep sharing my poems...I'm torn. I feel as if by posting them, I'm at least doing something - putting them out there into the world instead of hoarding them. However, when you share something you're very proud of and get no response, it's a bit of a blow...I guess I knew it might be tough from the beginning when I talked about my thin skin. We'll see if by continuing to post, I can make it a bit thicker...

Random Thoughts

Random thoughts - 
meaningless to anyone other than me

Would that change - 
if they knew what it all meant?

Would they take the time to see me -
in all the words?

Will I ever have the courage to share -
knowing I won't be able to explain, even if I could?

Random thoughts -
my life on paper

Fears, hidden in words -
dreams, revealed with care.


  1. I was able to leave a comment on your blog with no problems. I had the same problem a couple of years ago. Some people could comment, some couldn't. It wasn't anything that I had done, just a Blogger glitch. The problem resolved itself in a month or so and I haven't had trouble since (crossing fingers!). I heard from someone else today that they were having the same exact problem. Hope that your issue is resolved soon!

  2. Don't be sad. Know you're loved and although we've never met your thoughts do matter. They matter to me. I love your random and I want you happy.

  3. Back at the keys! Don't ever take our silence as a reason to give up! You never know whose house flooded or worse!!!

    This post sounds more like a new poem written with blogging in mind, less like an older pen and paper reflection.

    While I'm not trying to make a comparison between stories, this poem brought to mind Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" and how people have tried to decipher it for decades. Wisely, Carly (who I have had a crush on for the last 30+ years) has refused to explain or clear up the mysteries. Good for you both!!!

  4. Thanks, Julie!

    Trebord -I'll keep that in mind and let people decipher things themselves...