Monday, September 26, 2011

Abbey Ruins

As you may recall, in the post about my recent birthday (read it here) I discussed how one of my David Winter Cottages broke during the earthquake. As a wonderful surprise, one of my friends found a new one for me. He's actually the one who started my collection. I'd liked David Winter cottages for quite a while since my step-mother was a collector (mostly the castles). My friend gave me my first two cottages (I bought a third from him) and now he has given me another one. That means he is directly responsible for over half of my collection! Pretty good way to remember a friendship...

As you can see by the picture, the new one seems to be in better shape than my old one. You can definitely tell when comparing the two side by side that these cottages are hand painted and no two are exactly alike. The colors in my new "Abbey Ruins" are much brighter and well, more colorful. 

Thank you, trebord, for the wonderful gift!


  1. What I always found amazing was the level of detail in each piece! In 1991, I had the pleasure of visiting the DW workshop while I was in England for Desert Storm and meeting one of the lead artists who had been with DW from the start. Cool to see the process and to know that some chalk, some resin, a mold, paint, and love can create such neat art! It was a joy to find a replacement for you!

  2. trebord - I love it! Thank you again!