Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Things I Love A to Z

There's a new book out all about things this guy hates...he is such a grouch he wondered if he had something he disliked for every letter. Sad thing is, it will probably be a best-seller. When I saw the book, I wondered if I could list something I love for every letter. (We recently went to someone's house and they had a really cool A to Z wall art thing - I wish I had taken a picture. If you're reading this, can you send me a picture!?) So here's my attempt at things I love A to Z:

A - aquariums, airplanes and art (both the making of art and the seeing of art)
B - balloons, babies (human and others) and bowling
C - crafts and cats (have you seen that YouTube video about the girl who loves cats? The song is even funnier...)
D - dogs (and warm cinnamon/sugar donuts like the ones my sister-in-law made us the other day...YUM)
E - elephants and Easter eggs
F - family (especially Bubba and my husband!) and french fries...the crispier the better, but not burnt.
G - giggles (especially the deep belly laugh kind of giggles that Bubba does) and games
H - hydrangeas and helping people
I - Ireland (I also thought of adding igloo just as a away to say that I love homes - not just my own but you know how sometimes when you go into someone's house and you know right away that it's more than just a house, it's a home? I love that!)
J - jokes (especially kid jokes...favorite: What kind of insect do you find on the moon? *See answer at bottom)
K - kites (and pretty much anything that flies - regardless if it's alive or man-made)
L - the library (I can't wait to visit the Library of Congress!! and one of my favorite cheesy movies is "The Librarian"...is it just me or is Warehouse 13 pretty much the same thing? Either way, love them both) 
M - museums and movies
N - new things (even if they are only "new" to me - hand-me-downs & heirlooms rock!)
O - the ocean! 
P - pictures (Photo albums), pools and pretty things
Q - Queens and the monarchy...especially European - although the Queen Noor biography is still one of my favorites
R - reading and reenactment (Renaissance fairs, places like Williamsburg, etc)
S - singing, swings and science
T - travel, TV and telling people I love them 
U - underwater...though I've never gone scuba diving or even snorkeling
V - values (also, feeling as if you and others are of value to the world...)
W - writing and water (being on it, in it, around it, near it....)
X - XOXOXOX (does that count? I do really love hugs and kisses but also couldn't think of anything other than X-rays and xylophones...both of which are cool in their own way, I'm just not sure I love them...)
Y - yellow (it's actually not my favorite color but it's so cheerful and as an accent with blue is completely refreshing to me)
Z - the Zoo

This turned out kind of random (or is it rambling?) but fun. Most of these popped right into my head and are things I enjoyed as a kid too. Somehow along the way of growing up I forgot about a lot of these. I'm  blessed to have the opportunity to relearn them.

* Answer to my favorite joke ever: Lunar Ticks!!

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