Monday, May 4, 2009

Who Am I?

If you’ve been following this blog at all, you probably realize I have been trying to figure out who I am now that I’m no longer in the Air Force.

The other day, I stumbled upon something very exciting. At least I thought it was exciting. Have you ever heard of “idea mapping?” I hadn’t, but as I read about it, a huge light bulb lit up over my head. I couldn’t stop thinking about it - so I pulled out my sketch book and markers…In the past two days, I have done two different (but similar) “idea” maps.

What is my idea? Me. Who am I? What drives me? What makes me happy? How do I see myself? What do I want for my future?
As I said before, I am a work in progress. So are these “maps.” But I’m excited with what I’ve got so far…and excited to see where it goes from here. They were actually too big to scan completely, but the pictures show enough so you get the point.

Let me know what you think…Did I leave something out that you think of when you think of me? Is there something on my map you did not know about me? What would your idea map look like?


  1. That is so super awesome! I love it!

  2. Thanks, Julie. As you can tell, I'm pretty psyched by it - by the idea, by how they turned out, by what they show, etc...I want to do a really big one to put up in my craft room so I can't forget who I am, or what I want from life. Plus, I can add to it whenever I feel like it...