Friday, May 22, 2009

Quiet Time

I haven't been posting very much lately...not much to say...or not much I want to put into words...or maybe just being lax and not wanting to take the time to come up with a topic and then discuss it.

A couple things have been keeping me quieter than normal...Tom has been gone a lot this month, more than usual. I'm not complaining, not can I complain about a week here and there when other people are gone for 120/180/365 days at a time? So I'm not complaining just commenting on how schedules can get messed up with people coming and going all the time. Not just Tom...I've driven back and forth to KY quite a few times in the last couple months...I think it's taken it's toll.

While I would love to write something awe-inspiring and monumental, for now I'll just keep taking it easy - working on another afghan blanket, scrapbooking my years at USAFA, and reading a biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth...that's enough to keep me busy for a while...


  1. Gosh, usually when Amy and the kiddos are out of the house is when I can do my best writing! Either that, or when I'm on the road. But I can understand if you are driving back and forth to KY. Sometimes, it's tough to find the time to take the thoughts from "alone time" and also write them down.

  2. You could always write a celebratory post:

  3. Yeah. Just relax and take time for yourself. Blogging should be fun and not stressful. ENjoy!