Friday, January 4, 2013

Fitness DVDs

Along with all the self-improvement books that have been accumulating and collecting dust over the years, I have a whole collection of fitness DVDs (and lots of VHS tapes too). Since one of the things I'd like to do this year is to really work on getting healthy and fit, I decided I could kill two birds with one stone by working my way through my fitness DVDs.

I went through all the DVDs (we don't have a VCR set up right now) and picked out one DVD to try per month. My goal is to try each DVD for at least four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, I'll decide whether to keep the DVD to try again later or to add it to the get rid of pile. Based on what some of these DVDs are going for on Amazon, I might try to sell them if I don't want them (the Crunch video I chose for April is going for over $40 for used DVDs--crazy!).

Here is my proposed schedule:

January: Buff Brides
February: Callanetics
September: Super Callanetics
November: CORE Rythms
December: Hoopnotica

Have you done any of these fitness DVDs? Or heard anything about them? Or maybe you have a fitness DVD you enjoy doing or have gotten good results from? Let me know...

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