Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PCS #8?

I think we can finally arrived call this Permanent Change of Station (PCS) a success.

We actually left Illinois about 6 weeks ago and got our stuff delivered shortly after that but then we had the week at the beach, five days with the grandparents, and lots of boxes to unpack....Everyone thinks that since this was our 8th move that it should go smoothly and be easy as pie. However, it was our first move with a baby and we moved back into our townhouse which is quite a bit smaller than the house we rented (and no craft room!). It wasn't the worst move but wasn't the best either. Though come to think of it, who ever really has a good move?

Luckily, my husband didn't have to start work until this past Monday so we were a bit spoiled having him around so much. You'd think we would have gotten everything done around the house but we spent a lot of time just hanging out.

We also found a day care that seems to be pretty good. Bubba is going for about 6 hours, three days a week. If only he would stop crying when I drop him off then maybe I wouldn't feel so guilty. It makes me feel like a bad and/or selfish mom. After all, part of why he's going is to give me time to get my own stuff done (and give me some time to myself). Granted, the bigger part of why he's going is to be around other kids and have some time away from me so he realizes the world doesn't revolve around just the two of us...but I still feel guilty. Like if I were a better mom then I could expand his horizons while at the same time keeping him home with me. Not sure how I'd do that but then I guess that's why we're sending him to day care...

I'm hoping now that work and day care have started I can get into my own routine. I just need to figure out what that's gonna be...there's so much I want to do - finish my scrapbooks, write (on the blog, maybe a book, etc.), quilt, start working out, decide if I want to do volunteer stuff (how much and where, too) and maybe get involved with the officer's spouse club here, etc. So much to do, so little time...


  1. Wait, we're the ones living in Alabama, and you're the one calling your Matthew "Bubba." Something not right about that.

  2. You can take the girl outta the South...but she'll still call everyone Bubba... :)