Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little Sister

My little sister is having a baby in just over a week. On Father's Day actually...they say the baby is too big to wait for the due date of 19 June so if she (the baby) doesn't come out herself by the 10th, they are scheduled to induce.

On a side note, while I think it's kind of cool to get a new baby for Father's Day, doesn't that mean that neither of them will have their own "special day" since they'll have to share it from here on out? You guys that are dads, let me know what you think.

So, I'm pretty excited to be an aunt again. Her first daughter is adorable. I only hope for the next one's sake that she is just as cute or wicked smart. My sister is going for her PhD so maybe the second one will be brilliant? Though baby #1 seems like she's pretty intelligent too. We may be a bit biased though when we say she is light years ahead of all the other kids her age...nah, I think she really is that smart, and cute, and sweet...I could go on and on...I can't wait to see the next one!

I've offered to come down and help out but can't get a straight answer from my sister. Does that mean she doesn't really want or need help or that she isn't sure I really want to do it despite having offered? There's a lot of family in the area so I would assume she has ample help available, but you never know. I would just like to know what I can do so I can figure out my game plan - I've got a lot of travel coming up in the next couple months and I need to plan. Despite my earlier post about learning how being spontaneous can be fun, I still need a plan!

I can't believe that they say the baby has to come out early because otherwise it will be too big. They are estimating about 7.5 pounds...how is that too big? That's tiny! Half the size of my cat! Though I guess when you are giving birth to it it probably feels like a giant pumpkin...but when it comes to holding it, changing diapers and dressing it? Tiny, tiny, tiny! I can't wait to see her, tiny fingers and toes and all...


  1. Gosh, I'm trying to remember if I ever met your little sister. I mean, I remember meeting your siblings in Kentucky, but surely she's not old enough to have a PhD and two babies by now!

    As far as sharing Fathers Day with a baby's birthday, I could think of no higher honor for a Dad! Usually, all we get are ties or a mug/apron/hat that says "World's Greatest Dad". Having a new baby to hold would be a wonderful gift!!!

  2. Father's Day this year is the 19th so it's unlikely that it will happen based on what you said. Even so, there would be no problem since the "hoilday" moves each year--it's always the 3rd Sunday of June. So every few years there would be an extra special Father's Day, but any decent father would easily step aside and celebrate the child responsible for his fatherhood.

    That aside, we spent most of the weekend and Monday in the local children's hospital with Benjamin. A tick bite turned into a rash which is not Lyme Disease or anything else apparently bite related which then turned into numb hands and feet--which then required an MRI. So now we have a new set of concerns based on those tests. We meet with the doc next week to discuss the results.

    It's important to celebrate not only the life, but the health of the child as well.

  3. Wow! I really thought Father's Day was on the 10th. I already have my cards ready to go - does this mean I'm actually ahead of the power curve?

    bigboid - you must have met my sister when you came to KY, but at the time she was probably around 12 so we didn't "hang out" with her...she's now 28, has finished the classwork and is working on her dissertation! Hard to believe how time flies...

    Trebord - I'll be praying for Benny and your family. Please keep me updated over e-mail.

    Thank you both for your thoughts on sharing birthdays and Father's day...I was just wondering if it was a bit like having your birthday on Christmas...I guess maybe it is if you look at it the way you both expressed (and if it's not all about the presents...). :)

  4. As a child, I would've hated to be born on December 25th for the reason of presents, but as an adult it would not have mattered as birthday and Christmas presents for me are prohibited. I don't want Steph spending money on me and prefer the children not do it either. But I do enjoy gifting them.

    Being born Feb 18th, I always thought it would've been neat if my mother could've hung in there 11 more days. I was born in a leap year and a Feb 29th birthday would be really cool.

  5. Keep us posted on the progress! How is she doing?!